Diego Curtaz

Diego Curtaz is a small scale vigneron located in the central northern Valle d'Aosta in the village of Gressan. With just 1.6 hectares of vines he is, needless to say, working on the familial scale of winemaking. His farming is organic, not certified (he doesn't want to be certified nor needs to be on his scale) and winemaking is natural with respect the local traditions (grapes are destemmed, naturally fermented in tank before aging either in tank or old botti before spring bottling). The Di Meun, which is roughly 50% petite rouge with the balance being a blend of local high altitude varieties from the Vallee (cornalin, fumin, mayolet, vien de nus, gamay, etc). This cuvee sees no oak aging and is his wine that expresses his highest altitude plot and is more fruit driven. The Valle d'Aosta Torrette DOC and Petit Rouge DOC are Diego's most serious cuvees. Deeper, spice driven fruit with that classic mountain smoke, these are his true 'terroir' wines.