Progetto Calcarius

Calcarius is joint venture between Valentina Passalacqua and Danilo Marcucci, started in 2017 and deemed "Progetto Calcarius".  Valentina is an amazing and inspiring woman winemaker, driven by nature and one that has her eye on the future of viticulture and agriculture in Puglia. As you may know, Puglia is the "bread basket" of Italy, and much like the Central Valley of California, it is often exploited by industrial farming practices. This is where Valentina, aided by Danilo and his quest to "mineralize the grapes", are looking to mount their resistance movement...the pure calcium rich soil is what drew Danilo to this terroir.  For years Valentina and her family have owned and operated a large swath of both vineyards and fruit and vegetable lands.  Since 2000, Valentina has been the leading and largest practitioner of biodynamics in Puglia, with some 80 hectares of vines, fruits and veggies all being grown biodynamically. A selection of ~10-15 hectares were selected based on vineyard plots with the highest calcium content, these will be used for the Calcarius wines. The property is large, the volume potential is also great, which is great for us because this project is poised to offer us exciting southern Italian natural wines that showcase terroir and tradition like nothing we've seen before.